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  Saturday November 21  

Kickoff 3:30 P.M.


OSU v. M*ch*g*n State Game Watch Party


P.J. MacIntyre's - 17119 Lorain Avenue - Kamm's Corners Cleveland


Proceeds benefit your watch party host
Malachi House of Cleveland

The OSU Alumni Club of Greater is not hosting a Game Watch party this weekend, since most of us will be in Columbus for the game. However, you can still come out to watch the game with your fellow Buckeye enthusiasts and support a good cause in the process.


  Saturday November 28  

    Party starts at 11:00 A.M.

    Kickoff 12:00 P.M.


OSU v. M*ch*g*n Game Watch Party


Barley House - 1261 West Sixth Street - Downtown Cleveland


You are cordially invited to join us on Saturday, November 28 at our game watch party for the Ohio State game at Barley House in the Warehouse District.

Kickoff is 12:00 P.M. Festivities starts at 11:00 A.M. Inside Barley House, there will be plenty of things going on in addition to watching the game.

      * The OSU Alumni Band of Greater Cleveland will be performing to get the          
 crowd jacked up.

      * A 50/50 raffle will be sold throughout the first half, with drawing at                    halftime.

      * We'll have our special OSU beer glasses for $5, and whenever you use this         glass at Barley House during any of our game watches, you will get Coors           Light (the official sponsor of Buckeye Athletics) drafts for only $2.

     * We will also be selling assorted Buckeye “stuff” – Buckeye necklaces,                 Buckeye beads, Buckeye shirts, Buckeye earrings, etc.

All proceeds from the merchandise and raffle ticket sales benefit the
OSU Alumni Club's Scholarship Fund!


Let the trash talking begin!


"Well it doesn't matter who is the coach over [there], it's always a rivalry," said LeBron James.  "And, uh, we really don't care who's at the helm over there." - www.cleveland.com


Colin Cowherd's awkward July 1 "clunker" interview with Jim Harbaugh:





Top 8 Reasons it Sucks to be

a M*ch*g*n Wolverine


8.  It sucks to have to answer whether you actually went there or not.  And for those that did, that little vein in your forehead pops out every time.
7.  Oh, did you go to U of M ann arbor?…or flint?…or dearborn?  
6.  You think you’re the Ivy League school of the midwest.  Well, Saved by the Bell told us that the only Ivy League school not on the east coast is Stansbury.  Fools.

5.  The purpose of the “Naked Mile” is defeated when you’re having to run around all kinds of heffers.

4.  One of your most prized possessions – the winged  helmet – was first worn by Michigan State College, which is now known as hmmm…Michigan State University.  
3.  Appalachian State…it still hurts, doesn’t it?  See, there’s that vein again.
2.  110,000 people in one stadium could be cool…but not when it smells like a friggin’ old folks’ home.
1.  What kind of car did Jim Tressel used to drive?  A Lloyd Carr.  Keep thinking Ohio State is your biggest rival.



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November 21
3:30 PM

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At the 'Shoe

Conf:  6-0
Overall:  10-0
Conf:  5-1
Overall:  9-1
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"I'm back where I belong!


Buckeyes 28 Illinois 3